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Support & Services

Our hearing healthcare program is offered at absolutely no cost to an organization who makes our services available to their community. And new organizations are always welcome.

Community Outreach

Enjoy a Higher Standard of Client Care! Our community outreach hearing health practitioners are here for you!

Their job is to assist you throughout the process of making your hearing health experience a pleasant one. Whether it’s filling out forms, sourcing all potential funding options so that there is minimal to no hearing aid cost to you or delivering batteries and supplies to your home… you can count on our practitioners to be 100% attentive to your individual needs!

Organization Events

Our on-site Health Bus service is ideal for localized groups and events.

Seniors’ residences, residential care facilities, patients and clients of longterm care facilities, corporations committed to community and employee wellness, refugee and special-interest groups, and charitable organizations have all found our mobile service extremely effective and convenient. We are happy to visit individuals and groups to conduct our hearing screening and assessment program.