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Assess Your Hearing

Have your hearing tested, get it corrected, and enjoy a longer cognitively active life.

Why Get Tested?

Your hearing is important and should not be ignored.

Hearing loss can build gradually.

Many people choose to endure the personal discomfort and social inconvenience of the first signs of hearing loss. Difficulty hearing across the table in a restaurant. Needing to blast the TV volume. Struggling with telephone conversations. Constantly asking others to repeat themselves.

But the question becomes: for how long can you – or should you – ignore these signs?  And at what point does a seemingly manageable inconvenience lead to more serious compounding effects like depression, withdrawal, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, frustration or even symptoms of dementia? These are real issues that have been scientifically shown to onset prematurely when associated with hearing loss.

A simple hearing assessment can help improve your health and quality of life.